Safe Movers and Packers in Dubai

As one of the heaviest items, a safe or a strong cabinet is always difficult to move. There is obviously the issue of the actual move, but also possible difficulties if the safe is or will be moved to a location that is difficult to access.

How to make a safe move? All simply by calling on professional’s safe movers and packers in Dubai. Relocating your safe in complete safety and peace of mind with the help relocation company in Dubai.

Safe Movers and Packers in Dubai

Safe Transport by Safe Movers in Dubai

The transport of such an object requires specific skills and safe moving equipment for transporting safe the most important parameter to take into account is the weight. Usually, it is on the side of the trunk, engraved on a manufacturer’s plate. If it is not readable or accessible, we have a complete database allowing us to know the weight of your safe from its serial number.

Some Examples of the Weight of a Strong Cabinet

  • A model 37cm high, 42.5cm wide and 24cm deep weighs over 250kg.
  • A model 82cm high, 53cm wide and 36.5cm deep can weigh up to 500kg.
  • An 82cm high, 69cm wide, and 75cm deep model can weigh up to 700kg.

The weight of the safe does not only depend on the dimensions, but also on the armor system. Thus, the higher the armor, the heavier the chest. The most heavily armored safes can therefore weigh up to a ton, sometimes more.


Safe Movers in Dubai With Difficult Access

Manual transport can sometimes prove to be a daunting and complex task and should only be performed by professional safe movers and packers in Dubai. To handle the move and transport a safe or strong cabinet, safe and locker movers in Dubai have a range of specific tools to overcome this difficulty:

  • A furniture lifts
  • An elevator
  • A mini crane
  • A 4X4 equipped with a powerful winch for underground extractions

Transporting a Strong Cabinet Up the Stairs

The heavyweight of a safe can cause serious physical damage to the back and spine, especially if the removal is not carried out professionally. The health aspect must not be neglected and therefore prefer to call on professionals for this type of transport.

Safe moving company in Dubai Safety Advice 


Empty your safe before its trip and transport your valuables apart and out of sight with care. The removal of the safe will surely not go unnoticed by passers-by, neighbors, and potential thieves. Interventions are quick and safe movers try to hide safes under blankets as much as possible under the safe moving company in Dubai.

Professional Secrecy:

Safe movers in Dubai use the secure protocol for sending and receiving emails. All data is encrypted and destroyed within the legal deadline. Our staff signs a confidentiality clause when they are hired. It is for security reasons that the faces of our team members are blurred in the photos on the site.

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