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The need to relocate is as old as the world itself. In their quest for better land, prehistoric men used to migrate regularly several times in their life and to transport their habitat.  However, before the appearance of professional movers and packers in Marina Dubai.

Everyone had to carry out all the tasks inherent to a change of residence himself. Sorting the furniture and all his belongings, packaging, loading, transport, unloading, unpacking, and storage in the new accommodation. GPS Relocations helps you in your move.

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Why Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina?

Professional movers and packers in Dubai Marina must also have adequate handling and transport equipment. As an example, for an apartment or villa moving, it is necessary to deploy a furniture lift for bulky items, a crane for heavy items, etc. In addition, hand trucks and wheeled carts are very useful for handling and padded trucks for transport.

The Essential Administrative Procedures

Moving is also discovering the puzzle of the various mandatory steps related to a change of address … One of the tips, you have to do it in advance so as not to overflow and go in search of information so you don’t forget anything.

Energy Suppliers

Consider modifying (termination) or subscribing to an updated contract for electricity, natural gas (Engie, or other energy providers), etc. Find out about the commissioning of your water meter from your supplier … For most of these services, you can update your contact details in your customer area.

Home Insurance

It is one of the important and essential elements before moving is to Consider taking out new home insurance while checking with your insurer about possible savings possibilities with an all-inclusive contract formula, including car, savings, etc.

Internet and telecom lines … By providing your customer number, check with your advisers whether you can keep your telephone number (landline in particular) without being cut off.

In the list of procedures, it is also necessary to make sure that its owner is up to date in its rent payments and its co-ownership fees before leaving its old accommodation. Also plan minor repair work to recover all of your deposit on the right date … After the town hall, it will also be worth checking your household waste fee.

Cardboard and Bubble Wrap to Wrap Fragile Items

Movers and packers in Dubai Marina take care of the packaging of your trinkets and fragile items. It will be as much time saved and you will be sure to find all your elements intact during the checklist of the move. A good roll of adhesive, resistant cardboard, and paper – the shockproof bubble will be your best allies.

Take Precautions and Choose Right Movers in Dubai Marina

It is strongly recommended that you choose your business carefully to prevent any risk of scams or discounted service. To find certified movers in Dubai Marina or a region or at the national level, it is strongly recommended to contact the GPS Relocations. Only serious professionals are admitted.

You can take other precautions such as verifying the existence of the company and its registration in legal registers. Our Best Movers in Dubai Marina recommends this approach, especially for overly attractive proposals on the internet. There is also a list (available to individuals) of companies that spoof the names and logos of other local professionals.

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Move Nationally with Our Movers

Thanks to our network of professional partners spread over the four corners of Dubai UAE, there is no need to spend energy in finding movers in Downtown Dubai or other communities. You can use an online volume calculator to obtain a first price estimate and a free quote.

Movers and Packers in Marina Dubai for a Hassle-free Move

As we have already pointed out before, the movers and packers in Marina Dubai who work with us are experienced professionals, which allows us to ensure our customers a smooth move.

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Their professionalism is illustrated in particular by the respect of specific instructions such as:

  • Use of appropriate boxes and close them well.
  • Filling the boxes adequately, without showing any deformations or dents.
  • The respect of the weight limits for the boxes to facilitate handling.
  • The use of appropriate protection for all items to be packaged.
  • Sorting in order not to pack different items together.

We know that all the possessions and furniture that you give to the movers of your choice are valuable to you, otherwise, you would have abandoned them somewhere. However, we know that some of these are even more valiant in your eyes.

This is how our packaging teams always pay special attention to them. These can be crystal or porcelain items, decorative items like paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, lamps, and lampshades. The same goes for musical instruments such as the grand piano, plants, or even wine cellars.

Relocation Services in Dubai Marina

Fortunately, it is much more convenient these days to hire the relocation services of a relocation company in Dubai Marina who takes care of all the fuss.

Relocation Services for Individuals

When you are an individual, calling on a specialized relocation company in Dubai Marina is synonymous with comfort and serenity. You benefit from relevant advice and personalized support throughout your project, from the preparation of the service to the installation inside the new home.

The same mastered know-how, whatever the distance

Local GPS Relocations Service

A family business for three generations, the house shifting was one of the pioneers in moving with GPS Relocations. Our knowledge of each district of our beautiful Dubai allows us to approach with serenity the small streets and their truck parking problems.

Storage Service for the Storage of Furniture

If you have to move to another region or abroad for a specific period of time, it is unnecessary to bring your furniture and other heavy items like safe. Renting a storage unit is the solution. This service is accessible, whether for a few weeks, months, or several years. It allows you to store your belongings in frost-free, ventilated, and closed premises.

Before the actual storage, it is recommended to establish an accurate inventory of your belongings. This allows you to determine their values ​​and requests their reimbursement in the event of loss or damage. At present, there are different types of storage rental such as the classic storage unit, the self-storage box, the mobile box, etc.

Specifics of Transferring a Business, Factory or Warehouse

Moving a business is a profession in its own right… This specific type of work does not tolerate any improvisation. It requires organizational, legal, and technical know-how. Indeed, it is essential to coordinate the different relocation services in Dubai Marina.

This implies a good knowledge of the constraints and the information supports. Likewise, it is imperative to take into account the administrative or social procedures and obligations, and possibly the specific formalities to be fulfilled.

In addition, moving a business or factory requires optimal preparation of goods and materials for secure transport. This includes identifying and managing labeling, handling, re-installation, re-commissioning tests, etc. Only a specialized professional is authorized to carry out these various interventions.

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House Movers in Dubai Marina

The house has been moving for three generations

Opting for the services of the moving company is a guarantee of quality. With our know-how and our experience, our house movers in Dubai Marina will be able to offer you solutions to guarantee the success of your project. Winners of the Home and Quality Dubai Award, we provide exemplary service and make your satisfaction a priority, as evidenced by the many opinions of our customers.

We are also a member of the GPS Relocations, proof of our seriousness and reliability. Likewise, we have obtained the certification. We are committed to the professionalism of our house movers and packers in Dubai Marina and the quality of our services.

houses movers and packers in dubai marina
cheap movers in dubai marina

Cheap Movers in Dubai Marina

Hire cheap movers in Dubai Marina, depending on your needs and your budget, you have the choice between a wide range of formulas intended to facilitate your move.

In general, pricing depends on different factors. But, First, you ask for an estimate or a quote online to get an idea of ​​the price of the relocations service depending on the city of departure and the city of destination.

Then, cheap movers in Dubai Marina proceed with the planning before carrying out the various preparation operations. On the scheduled date, he carries out the mission … The last step is to check your things after unpacking.

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