The Key Solutions for a Smooth Move in Dubai

How Do You Relocate Smoothly in Dubai

The preparations for the move represent the perfect opportunity to sort and get rid of bulky items: clothes that are no longer in use, old furniture, toys stored in boxes several years ago, ski equipment that is no longer in use. there is no risk of being reused before the next season.

GPS Relocations provides different solutions for the types of goods that we no longer want to bring back to the new home; either sell them or give them away; the third option is to store them in a storage unit where they will be very safe.

But there is also collection, a free service dedicated to individuals which consist of collecting bulky items. The rest of the business will be transferred to the new accommodation; we only take what is necessary.

How Do You Relocate Smoothly in Dubai?

  1. Hire Relocation Company
  2. Give a Household Appliance to the Seller
  3. Pick up Service
  4. Sell Bulky Items
  5. Make a Donation

Hire Relocation Company & Trash Bulky Items

Firstly, hire a Relocation Company in Dubai, and trash all bulky items. A bulky item is an object that is no longer useful and yet takes up space. It can be bulky or made of complex materials, so it cannot be simply thrown in the trash.

According to the legislation, are among the bulky items: furniture, mattresses, box springs, household appliances such as the refrigerator, the gas stove, the washing machine… provided that the municipality considers them as such.

It is also necessary to take into account the objects which are not part of the collection; these are mainly rubble, green waste, gas cylinders, used tires, motor vehicles. In addition, the House movers and packers in Dubai must ensure the deposit of bulky items.

Give a Household Appliance to the Seller

There is a reliable solution that allows individuals to no longer keep bulky household appliances. Since November 2006, a customer who buys a new device can return the same device to the seller. The latter must accept without imposing fees.

In addition, it must be considered that the purchase of a new machine can be more interesting than paying the costs of the transfer of an old one.

Indeed, the management of the logistics of fragile and heavy equipment requires additional costs because the mover must use suitable equipment (freight elevator, lifting platform, or other). Thus, we have a new innovative device, more aesthetic, practical in the new home.

Pick up Service

The bulky items pick-up service is offered in various forms. The first possibility is to make an appointment in a predefined place. The owner stores a table, cupboard, heavy safe, sofa, or other items and the collector comes and collects everything in one go. We recommend you hire Safe movers in Dubai for heavy items.

The other case is to deposit all bulky items in a place dedicated to the public; it is a reception center, a deposit where individuals can drop off items they no longer use. Finally, there is the type of warehouse provided in a treatment or recovery structure.

All information on the arrangements for taking care of bulky items is available from the bride. To get rid of it in the best conditions, you just have to learn and follow the procedure.

Sell Bulky Items

By selling items that are no longer needed before moving, the owner can collect a small amount of money. For furniture and household appliances, he can drop them off at a sales depot; he sets his price and agrees with the merchant on the percentage that the latter will receive (between 30 and 50%).

There is also another possibility, that of online sales. You just need to take a picture of the bulky items, define the price and the delivery method, publish classified ads on different ads websites. There are also applications for smartphones and tablets which are designed to sell clothes, decorative objects, childcare articles easily.

An object that is no longer used at home can have a second life with another individual and the advantage is to be able to make money from it.

Make a Donation

Donating bulky items is a way to offer various objects to those who need them but also to get rid of them so as not to have to carry heavy and unnecessary items during the move. Online, several donation sites are easily accessible. The associations that will receive these objects recycle or put them on sale.

The amount collected will be offered to the poorest households. Donating bulky items, therefore, makes it possible to do a good deed, preserve the environment, to fight against waste.

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