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When you move, you have to take care of a lot of things at the same time. Whether it is for the change of address, the search for packing, or professional junk removals in Dubai, it takes a lot of time and can be stressful. The most important thing is therefore to start early to carry out the various actions of the move. Among other things, before getting into the boxes, you have to sort through all the stuff you have. These steps are very important because it is sometimes difficult to empty your house on time. GPS relocation company in Dubai describe how to empty a house before a move.

Hire a Removals in Dubai

removals in Dubai


To empty your house, you will probably need removal. You can decide to take care of the move yourself by renting a vehicle that will allow you to transport the belongings (furniture, household appliances, accessories, boxes, etc.) from your house to your new home.

Another solution is to hire professional Removals in Dubai. He can only take care of transporting things to the new habitat, but also do the work upstream, whether it’s packing the boxes, protecting fragile objects… depending on the formula you choose.

In these two cases, your house will be empty because you want to take all the belongings present in your house. On the other hand, as we said in the introduction, it is good to sort out before starting the move.

Sort out your belongings

Why is sorting important when you want to empty your house before moving?

Because on the one hand there are always things you want to part with, and on the other hand having fewer things to transport will make your job easier, if you take care of the move yourself, or will limit moving costs if you hire a professional Removals in Dubai. When sorting our belongings, it is important to sort everything. Whether it is furniture, household appliances, cutlery, decoration, or even clothing, everything must be thought out and sorted.


How to get rid of unwanted stuff?

unwanted stuff removals

Classified ads website

The first thing to do is to put up for sale the things we want to part with. For this, there are websites for classified ads, sales of objects, furniture, or others. If we do it early, it will surely allow us to sell all the unwanted stuff even before the move. To do this, it is important to write down the characteristics of each product and to take a photo of each product offered for sale otherwise call and hire junk removals in Dubai.

Call a second-hand dealer or an antique dealer

This solution is also possible. Second-hand or antique dealers have their sales network and their customers and can therefore more easily sell certain items that we will find difficult to sell on the internet. Moreover, if we are in have or old objects, without knowing it we can have a property of a value that we do not know. Secondhand dealers know very well the value of old objects. There are flea markets all over France, so by searching the internet you can be sure to find one near you.

Call a professional junk removal in Dubai

If you are short on time or do not necessarily want to sell your belongings, you can very well call on a professional junkyard. This professional will get rid of all your unwanted stuff. If the overall amount of business cleared is high enough, this service will cost you nothing. However, if this is not the case, you will have to pay for this service. It is also possible to ask the Removals if he wishes to recover these belongings.

Donate to charities

You can also choose to donate these belongings to associations, such as GPS Relocation, which will promote to sell them at a low price or even offer them to people in need.

During Move need Junk Removals in Dubai

During move need junk removals team

You are in Dubai and move one place to another some used materials are unnecessary for you and you don’t want to take with you want to remove all these types of staff mentioned in the points.

Unwanted furniture: Try, beforehand, to give or sell your furniture in good condition through online classified ads. Broken furniture can go to the junk removal company.

Cans of paint (with leftovers or empty): These products can be recycled, provided you take them to one of the many drop-off points. Click here to find one.

Used textiles: Donation centers collect clothes that are still wearable and sheets that are in good condition. For damaged pieces, textile recycling centers exist, which makes rags in particular.

Your reserve of old batteries and batteries (rechargeable or not): Please do not move them and do not throw them in the trash, at the risk of contaminating the environment

Cardboard boxes used for the move: To minimize your ecological impact, first use boxes recovered from a local business (grocery store, pharmacy) rather than buying new ones. After the move, call junk removals in Dubai and make yourself stress-free.

Dirty pizza boxes: The packaging of the traditional cheese reward is not recyclable, since it is soiled, but is compostable. That’s recommended to cut the boxes into pieces before putting them in the brown bin.

Broken wine glasses: An accident can happen so quickly during a move… Unfortunately, the type of glass used for dishes cannot be recycled. These items should be put in the trash.


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