How to Properly Furnish Your New Apartment?

how to furnished apartment

Furnishing your apartment after a move is not always easy, especially if you have a small space or a small budget. The main drawback that we encounter when we want to fit out our new apartment is the surface, or the lack of surface available. Indeed, spacious apartments in big cities are not only rare but are also expensive. The closer you get to the big cities, the smaller the accommodations. Living in Dubai, therefore, means living in smaller accommodation than in the countryside.

Follow our best services guide and You will therefore have to optimize your available space without breaking everything and transforming your apartment into a large studio. To do this several tricks allow you to obtain a feeling of space without enlarging your home.

Finally, do not hesitate to break down partitions and thus make a kitchen open to the living room or to remove a corridor which was not very useful to enlarge a room. Open and larger spaces will allow you to breathe well and move around your apartment easily.

You can of course reuse your old furniture as long as it has the right dimensions. If this is your first home or you want to change the decoration, take a look at consignment stores or flea markets to find furniture at an attractive price. This is especially great if you love vintage furniture.

Other possibilities include renting furniture to start furnishing your apartment without spending too much. More classically, furniture stores often offer low-cost items during sales periods or discounted prices on exhibition models.

Finally, think about recovering furniture from your family!

Work and Improvements to be Made

Before relocation to Dubai, our best moving company in Dubai advises you to do as much work as possible as well as a major cleaning so as not to have to move your furniture once you have moved in. Do not wait either to do the electrical work, carpentry, or plumbing or to pass a brushstroke.

Take advantage of this opportunity to check whether there is a need to undertake energy renovation work. Indeed, this would not only make it possible to achieve better thermal comfort in your home, both in summer and winter but also reduce the amount of your heating and electricity bills. Be aware that it is possible to obtain a bonus to finance part of your work. To find out the amount of the bonus to which you are entitled, you can calculate your energy bonus. To optimize space, opt for light tones to give a feeling of space and prefer storage built into the wall. Choose multifunctional furniture like chests or ottomans that offer comfort and storage space. Remember to use the entire height of the wall by choosing tall furniture movers in Dubai or fixing your shelves yourself.

In the living room, prefer functional equipment and try to find equipment that does not clutter up the space. Avoid putting things on the floor and find a small side table to keep the living space airy. For the bedroom, you can find a loft bed, which retracts into the wall or has drawers to save space and storage.

Finally, try to make the most of natural light sources to have a bright home. To do this, you can position the mirrors strategically: they will help illuminate your rooms with reflections. Use white color on walls, beams, doors, and ceilings.

Personalizing your home will make you feel good there, so choose colors that you like and are in line with your aspirations and the different rooms in your house or apartment. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from the “Do It Yourself” practices that can be found everywhere on the internet to give personality to your interior while limiting your expenses.

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