How to Move Your Washing Machine in Dubai?

washing machine movers in dubai

The washing machine is one of the fragile and bulky household appliances. Just like the refrigerator or the dishwasher, it is not always easy to transport them without damaging them. If you’re wondering how to move your washing machine in Dubai safely, this article walks you through the steps. GPS Relocation Company in Dubai is the best choice for you Dubai.

Preparing to move your washing machine to Dubai

Take the dimensions

To avoid ending up with a piece of furniture that does not fit in your new home, it is advisable to measure it, especially when it comes to a household appliance such as a washing machine. By doing this, you will know exactly whether it will go through the doors, in the stairwell, or the elevator and if necessary, you can think of using a furniture lift.

Do the cleaning

Your move is a good opportunity to clean your washing machine. All you need is a bottle of white vinegar for a complete deep cleaning, but other products can also do the trick, such as citric acid for example. These not only eliminate bad odors but also descale and eliminate bacteria in your machine. Then run an empty wash cycle at 60 or 90°.

Unplug and drain your washing machine

  • Start first by closing the valves that supply hot and cold water to prevent any major leaks.
  • Unplug the cable from the socket to cut off the power supply to the washing machine
  • Place towels, or even a bucket of water, under the water pipes, to anticipate possible water leaks.
  • Disconnect the appliance from the water supply and check that there is no water standing in the hose. Don’t forget to drain the drainpipe as well.
  • Finally, secure the washing machine’s cable and hoses with tape to avoid surprises when transporting the appliance. You can also make sure that the detergent drawer is locked.


Preparing for the trip

When moving, the risks of damaging the device are not to be neglected. This is why it is advisable to block the drum so that it does not move during the journey. As said before, attach the cable and the pipes to the back of the machine, and for more security wrap the device in bubble wrap, remembering to close the door properly.

Moving your washing machine safely

You now face a major disadvantage: the object is heavy and bulky. Indeed, a washing machine can weigh up to 100 kg. It is therefore strongly recommended that at least two people wear it to avoid hurting themselves and damaging your device.

Another observation adds to the difficulty, the washing machine does not have sockets allowing it to be carried easily.

From there, you have three solutions:

Equip yourself with moving straps that will allow you to easily lift your washing machine, the limit being 270 kg maximum. To do this, simply pass the straps through the buckle and tighten well so that your back is supported and you feel the weight of the device as little as possible. This equipment makes it possible to distribute the total load of the weight over the whole body and not in one place. You can watch tutorials on Youtube to learn more about the technical part of the equipment.

Don’t have any slings or hand trucks? Don’t panic, always possible! One person can grab the lower front part and another person grabs the upper rear part. Minimize the amount of time you wear the device while traveling and take breaks whenever possible.

The most comfortable and least stressful solution is obviously to delegate all you’re moving to a professional mover. To get the best deals that meet your needs and expectations, simply request a quote online to receive up to 6 moving quotes, free of charge!

You are now informed of the steps to follow to move your washing machine with complete peace of mind.

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