How to Find a Relocation Company in Dubai?

 How to Find a Relocation Company in Dubai

Choosing your mover can be a bit complicated when you don’t know how to read the quotes in hand! with the start of the moving season finding the best relocation company in Dubai can become very complicated.

Traditional moving companies are seeing their order books fill up at high speed during this period when demand is at its peak.

Follow the advice of GPS Relocations to find reliable, qualified movers.

Guide to Find Relocation Company in Dubai

Remember that you are going to entrust all your wealth to someone you do not know! So,

Seek Advice From Family and Friends

It is, therefore, wiser to look around you for someone who had had a pleasant experience with a professional mover. The movers don’t care when they know they were advised by a loved one and go out of their way to add you to their client portfolio.

How to Fix the Date of Your Move?

The prospect of a move generates its share of preparations and questions. In the long list of questions, choosing your moving date is not innocent. Experience shows that certain rush periods are likely to put a serious strain on the budget, given supply and demand.

Here are some useful tips to help you find the right space on the calendar:

Useful Tips to Select the Right Time For Relocation Company

Moving Market is Experiencing Seasonal Peaks

The profession of mover is not a seasonal job in the strict sense, unlike the seller who offers you his ice cream in summer or his chestnuts in winter. That said, experience shows that there are some deep-rooted habits and periods that are much more active than others.

Statistically, the high moving season spans the period from May to September. In short: the beautiful season. The phenomenon is partly explained by the supposed leniency of the weather. We also observe that the average person is more inclined to take days off during these periods, which leaves more time to organize a move.

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Among the parameters favorable to the summer period, let us point out the educational aspects that families must integrate into their problems.

The other traditional peak is observed in December, just to put the move in line with the good resolutions of the year to follow.

Impact of the Date on Your Moving Quote

The less availability remains, the more expensive the places. The moving industry is not immune to the laws of supply and demand. As a result, quotes can swell by 30, or even 50%.

To avoid an excessively salty addition, it is, therefore, advisable to favor the low seasons and to avoid, as much as possible, the beginning and the end of the month. The ends and beginnings of a lease tend to overload these two ends.

By opting for a weekday, between the 5th and the 25th of a lean month, you double your chances of obtaining an attractive moving quote. The other immutable piece of advice is to request your moving quote on time, i.e. 4 to 6 weeks before packing your boxes.

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Moving at a Reasonable Price with a Serious Mover

Serious and old movers are often full during this time. To find one, which is reasonably priced, you need to order it at least one month before your move date. For example, if you move at the end of July, you must place your order in June; you will thus obtain a price 10 to 15% lower than an order placed in mid-July.

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Read the Moving Quote Carefully, Not Just the Price

This is the mistake two out of three people make. Imagine yourself in front of three quotes (recommended number); one company offers 1,100 AED including all taxes, the second 1,600 AED, and the third 1,800 AED. I will automatically eliminate the one which is at 1100 AED because this company is not clear. You must focus on the other two providers. Here’s how to choose:

a) Get information on Google and consult the opinions of Internet users

b) Evaluate the quality of the technical visit of the company’s sales representative and his organization of your project

c) Evaluate the quality of the estimate and its clarity: insurance, tailor-made service, etc.

Time For Negotiation

You can always negotiate something with the chosen one. For example, ask with a smile for a small, very small :), discount, or an additional service while keeping its starting price.

A move is an event that can not be successful without your knowledge first. We hope this may help you to find a relocation company in Dubai.

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