How to Avoid the Unexpected During Move in Dubai?

unexpected movers in Dubai

We all experience unexpected events in our lives and often when we least expect it. As part of a move, a small unforeseen can become a real hassle if you do not have the keys to solve it. Parking problem, lack of boxes, elevator breakdown. GPS Relocations Company in Dubai gives you all the tips to be able to bounce back and prepare for all unexpected situations.

Forgot to Apply for Parking

Haven’t applied for a parking permit for your move?

Do not panic! GPS Relocations tells you how to remedy this situation.

If you are Moving Alone

Meet on-site the day before to find the nearest car parks and if there is a way for you to park the truck near your new accommodation. You will surely have to carry your belongings a little longer, but you will find a place to park for the time of the move.

If you go Through a Professional Movers

If time does not allow you to apply for a parking permit, the mover will have to find a place near your home to load and unload. If they have to work with a greater carrying distance than initially planned, the overall bill may be impacted.

Don’t Neglect the Costs

A free parking space! But in most cases, you will have to park in a paid space and the cost of it will be your responsibility.

If this dream place cannot be found, opt for alternative solutions. To park while reducing costs, find out about private car parks with preferential rates or even private parking spaces for rent.

A moving truck has larger dimensions than an ordinary vehicle and can obstruct the road, or even take up several spaces on the parking strip.

Keep in mind the size of the truck to find a suitable place, especially if you have to perform maneuvers. You should not interfere with traffic and collect the wrath of other users or a verbalization from municipal officials.

In most cases, parking your vehicle is limited to 6 consecutive hours in the same location. Exceeded this deadline, you will have to move your removal truck under penalty of verbalization or removal of your vehicle.

No Time to Pack

The day of your move is fast approaching and by dint of procrastinating or not having freed up enough time for this task, you realize: your boxes are still not done! You are determined to have to put away all your belongings in record time and this prospect generates monstrous stress for you. We understand.

But don’t panic: we are always here to help you! If there is a problem, there is a solution.

You don’t have time to pack your boxes and you have to free up time to do them? One possible solution is to take a day off or two.

If you have to take this leave urgently, let your employer know you are moving so that he understands the need for your request. If so, you are entitled to special leave for your move. Many companies have implemented this benefit.

You will have a whole day to devote fully to your boxes!

Finally, the storage of your personal belongings should lead you to sort through your belongings, to select what you want to keep or not. The advantage of sorting is that you separate yourself from obsolete objects and save space in your boxes and your future home.

Get help

If a move is an opportunity to change accommodation, it is also an opportunity to bring together relatives, friends, and colleagues to help you.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask. As they say, those who try nothing, have nothing. When asking, you could at best rely on the presence of several people. This will allow you to pack your boxes faster and not have all the weight of this task on your shoulders.

In addition, tell yourself that it is also an opportunity to share a friendly moment with your loved ones and to create memories. Unity is strength!

Proceed Methodically

Now comes the fateful moment to pack your things in the boxes.

First of all, and to make your work easier, try to proceed methodically and impose storage rules on yourself. Proceed piece by piece for clarity. Once a room is finished, you can move on to another, and so on.

Do not hesitate to put a post-it on your boxes that indicate what it is and in which room they are intended. This can save you valuable time when unloading.

An elevator breakdown on arrival or departure

While finding a parking space for your moving truck without an ATS is difficult but not impossible, an elevator, whether departing or arriving breakdown, is more complicated to solve.

Indeed, an elevator breakdown is beyond your control: it is a technical problem that only a qualified elevator technician can solve. While waiting for the resolution of the problem, you will, unfortunately, be forced to do without this magnificent tool that is the elevator.

You don’t know what to do after discovering this unforeseen event? Do not panic! GPS Relocations tells you how to remedy this situation.

Don’t panic

Such a situation will surely have the effect of a blow to you and will cause significant anxiety.

Buyout mustn’t panic too much: this will not repair the elevator in your building and will not allow you to continue your move with complete peace of mind.

In addition, be aware that this is a typical and frequent cause for removal professionals: they will therefore know how to adapt perfectly to this unforeseen event.

List Backup Ideas

An elevator breakdown is an unexpected difficulty that can significantly affect your move.

After discovering this breakdown, you need to assess the situation and the emergency exits available to you: by doing this, you will save precious and useful time for the progress of your move.

First, notify your movers of the situation so that they are aware and can adapt quickly.

Then, check the window accesses and the opening of the front door of your accommodation to see whether or not it is possible to pass some of your furniture and objects through these passages.

Finally, if you are alone and have extra arms to help you, consider making a human chain on your stairs to move your personal belongings more easily and quickly.

Use the Stairs

The movers have the possibility of going through the stairs of your building to lower or raise your furniture. However, the fact that the movers have to take the stairs is an additional effort, depending on the floors, the volume of furniture to be transported, and its weight.

This is why it is better for your wallet that there are not many floors to climb to reach your new accommodation because the additional cost generated will not be the same. The mover will have to calculate the total cost of the additional means to respond to this change in the situation.

Above the 2nd floor, it is necessary to plan around 75 per additional floor, knowing that this amount can vary according to the professionals.

Furniture Lift

If the number of floors to climb is too high and the practicability of the stairs is not sufficient to transport the furniture efficiently, the movers will use a furniture lift to load or deliver your furniture.

In certain situations such as the transport of certain imposing objects such as a grand p, so for example, the furniture lift may prove essential for loading into your new home.

But sometimes, and even without having large pieces of furniture, renting a furniture lift can be a more efficient and economical solution than having the movers take the stairs.

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