How Much Does it Cost to Move in Dubai?

How Much Does it Cost to Move in Dubai

To find the local moving price, it’s recommended to carry out a comparison between several removal companies or to ask for quotes to be drawn up by providers in order to make a better choice. GPS Relocations moving guide helps you to know how much does it cost to move in Dubai?

Local Movers Offer Different Price Plans

Professional Local movers always offer several pricing formulas in his offer. In this case, the customer can choose between the economical formula, the standard formula, which is the most widely chosen by people who move, and the full formula.

For the economic formula, the Relocation Company in Dubai can only take care of the loading of the furniture and their transport. The customer thus prepares his boxes.

For the standard formula, the movers will provide the boxes three weeks in advance and take care of the packaging of fragile objects such as dishes.

For the full package, the mover takes care of everything, from packing the boxes to reassembling the furniture during house shifting in Dubai. However, it does not intervene in services that require the intervention of a craftsman such as the laying of carpet, among others.

Moving Rates According to Well-defined Criteria

Local mover always presents his client with precise price criteria in his quote, in addition to insurance guarantees. Of course, the price conceded is, first of all by established according to the chosen formula. However, the mover sets the rates according to the date of the move.

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They are usually higher during periods of high demand. The price is also fixed according to the distance traveled, the mode of transport, the volume of furniture to be transported, the insurance taken out by the customer, and the conditions of access to the customer’s accommodation.

Save on the Move While Hiring a Local Mover

Based on several criteria, the prices of a move can be quite high. In order to save money on the operation, here are some simple tips.

  • In parallel with the services of the mover, you can opt for an organized move. Especially if the distance to be covered is important.
  • you can choose two professional movers, one of whom will take care of the outward movement. And the other will take care of the return.
  • In addition, group moving is suitable for small volumes of furniture to be transported. In this case, the customer will share the transport with other moves.

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