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Organizing furniture transport is often one of the most stressful things when moving. Difficulties can appear for the access in the building, the weight, and its volume. Professional moving companies can help you move all types of furniture such as fridges, pianos, etc. With professional’s furniture movers in Dubai, you can benefit from a guarantee and security. Movers are also specialized in transporting furniture as part of a move. It would therefore be useful to know the cost of transporting furniture if you only have a few pieces of furniture to move.

Moving day is exciting! You start a new adventure, you put down roots in a new place. You’ve dreamed of your new home so much, and it’s fun to see how fresh and different your furniture looks when placed in a whole new environment. But the moving day can also be stressful. There’s a lot to do, yet you need everything to go smoothly. Whether you have hired furniture movers in Dubai or brought together a group of friends and family to help you move.


Here are the 5 steps not to miss for a successful move to Dubai


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Draw a Plan of your New Home

Do you know what will save you time and eliminate confusion on moving day? Try drawing a floor plan for your new home before you move in. Draw and number your furniture as you want it to be arranged in each room. Next, mark the furniture to match the numbers on the floor plan.

This way our furniture movers in Dubai know where to place each piece of furniture. You don’t want to make decisions about where each piece of furniture goes on moving day. It’s best to make these decisions in advance, so movers can transport heavy pieces directly to the rooms they will be living in.


Be Present When Packing and Unpacking your Boxes

If you’ve hired furniture movers to pack, pick up, and deliver your furniture and boxes, you need to be on hand when they do the packing and pickup. If you can’t be there, you will have to ask someone to replace you – a relative or a friend. The furniture movers in Dubai will provide you with an inventory of all items.

Carefully examine the list of your items and make sure nothing is missing, before signing anything. If an item is lost or damaged, and you realize it after the movers have left, it will be difficult for you to turn against the company.

Note: GPS Relocation tip: fill it with cardboard

What could be more unpleasant than running out of boxes on Moving-Day? You do not have to buy your moving boxes. You can get it for free, by going to supermarkets, hard-discounters or shops on delivery days. Plan one or two days dedicated to looking for boxes before moving.

Simplify your Life and that of your Friends

If you haven’t hired movers and have friends and family helping you with the move instead, make it as easy and organized as possible for them. Don’t expect them to pack boxes for you. Have all the boxes packed before they arrive, so all they have to do is grab a box and haul it to the moving van.

You can even decide in advance which friend will be assigned to which furniture and boxes. Make sure you have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand. And send for food if the move interferes with lunch or dinner. They deserve it.

Note:GPS Relocation tip: think about the layout

We think and we worry a lot about his move. But you also have to think about moving in. Here too, foresight is essential to avoid the galleys. For example, concerning the wiring of computer devices or high-tech equipment such as televisions connected to a home cinema, taking a photo is useful to easily reproduce them once in your new home.

Keep Children and Pets Away

No matter who is moving your stuff – professional movers or friends – they don’t want a barking dog or a rambunctious child running around while carrying heavy boxes and furniture. It’s inconvenient for movers and dangerous for children and pets. So don’t forget to ask a friend to babysit on moving day. And the same goes for your pet. If you take them out of the equation, you can focus on completing the move with peace of mind.

GPS Relocation tip: encourage your child to participate in the preparations for the move

It is not because he will not be present on D-Day that your child cannot participate with you in the preparations. This will be a good way to prepare him for his new life. This is also a good time to prepare a box with memorabilia from your old home, such as photos or things he holds dear.

Make Sure there is Parking for the Truck

When the van or moving truck arrives at the new location, it will need a place to park and unload. This can get complicated depending on the type of accommodation you are moving into. For example, if you are moving into an apartment, the truck can simply park in front. But if you are moving into a high-rise building, you may need to set up a spot for the van or truck in advance. You may also need to book an elevator. This needs to be set up in advance, so furniture movers in Dubai can transport things as quickly as possible when they arrive.

GPS Relocation tip: request a parking space.

‍ It is sometimes necessary to check the conditions for parking a truck on the street. Indeed, some municipalities are very strict. This request must be sent to your town hall at least one month before the date of your move to facilitate its progress on Moving-Day.