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Relocation Company in Dubai

When relocating your home, apartment, and office, we are always concerned that everything goes well and that there are no worries for any individual and organizational move.

Does the question arise as to whether it is better to move partially or completely yourself (even if it means renting a truck), hiring a Relocation company in Dubai or Movers in Dubai?

The answer is to be chosen according to many criteria. That you have to compare, whether it is the volume you want to move, the chosen formula, whether your move is a long or short distance, whether you have a lot of precious or fragile objects, the region of departure, if you organize a move to Dubai or to another region, etc.
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Relocation with A Best Moving Company in Dubai

Beyond the regulations in force, hiring the best moving companies in Dubai is a solution that offers many advantages to compare: know-how, expertise, packaging, loading, unpacking, delivery, as well as the provision of all the required equipment. Whether it is the relocation truck (which is expensive to rent if you decide to move).

The furniture lifter (depending on the location, also expensive for rental and parking in town) or even supplies such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape (scotch tape), and blankets in the truck to protect your furniture; but also a fixed price without unpleasant surprises and any additional costs (last minute rental for example).

Going through one of the best moving companies in Dubai, for your accommodation, whether it is your apartment in town or your house, also allows you to know in advance the price of your move, which is useful because it is often difficult to obtain a precise estimate of the total cost of relocation.

The moving companies Dubai will provide you with a free estimate specifying their offer and will also offer you a free technical visit in order to have an estimate of the volume of your move, the level of service that suits you best, and the service most suited to your budget.

Best moving Company in Dubai
Professional Relocation Companies in Dubai

Choose Professional Relocation Companies in Dubai to Save Your Time

Professional relocation moving companies in Dubai are transparent about their prices and services, and GPS Relocations asserts these same values: when you make a request (free and without obligation), GPS Relocations finds an official and professional mover, from the Certified who makes a return trip.

And can take your relocation volume; GPS Relocations then gives you the contact of this mover: no intermediary, you establish your quote in complete transparency with your mover. And you can check for yourself that it meets regulations and standards.

Knowing How to Recognize a Real Shifting Company in Dubai

Shifting Company in Dubai at bargain prices? The last website that gives you your estimate without visiting the house to be moved, at a more than attractive price, but which does not give you the name of the mover who will take the estimate? Or the latest online platform for connecting individuals, without experience or training, to move cheaper?

Watch out for what is hidden! There is no magic formula for the calculation: if an element of your move is not transparent (notably the name of the mover), distrust, it is likely that the so-called official mover is not following the law. Professional movers, declared and qualified shifting Company in Dubai, will not hide their names from you.

Our Advice: opting for a trusted third party brings together the best offers on the market. GPS Relocations takes care of the analysis of your needs and all your moving characteristics,  allowing you to receive up to 6 quotes from relocation companies through a single intermediary. You thus benefit from the dynamics of a network of certified relocation partners.

Our Services

House Shifting in Dubai

House moving with the Relocation Company with professional moving and relocation services

Villa Movers and Packers in Dubai

GPS Relocations provide professional villa moving services in Dubai with help of professional movers in Dubai.

Safe Movers in Dubai

Our safe movers help you to shift heavy safe and lockers from one place to another in Dubai with an expert team.

Safe Movers

Pest Control in Dubai

To protect from common pests like cockroaches, rats, Ants. Gps relocation provides pest controlling services in Dubai.

GPS RELOCATIONS, One of the Best Relocation Companies Dubai

To choose one of the best relocation companies in Dubai, you must check that it has all the necessary guarantees. Indeed, moving is a regulated activity that requires proof of professional, financial, and honorable capacities.

For this, it is not only necessary that the relocation company is registered in the trade and companies register but also in the register in Dubai, which is the case of the GPS RELOCATIONS is the registered and on of the professional relocation companies Dubai.

In addition, GPS RELOCATIONS is also a member of the Dubai Federation of Movers (DFD). This membership guarantees in particular that we are in order with regard to legal obligations and attests to the professionalism of the relocation company in Dubai.

Moving Check List

Make sure that everything on your moving things inventory is accounted for before your moving company leaves. Therefore, first things first – find your personal kettle!

You can set up a tea or coffee with water and snacks for when you need a break.

After you moved

After months of preparation and move planning, you and your family are in your new house! In other words, after a busy moving, don’t try to unpack everything at once it same day. Make up the new beds and then spend the evening relaxing with loved ones.